Exam Success

The Brittons Academy are pleased to be celebrating another year of Key Stage 4 exam success. Like all schools, this cohort at Brittons Academy had their education significantly disrupted by Covid-19; however, their determination and perseverance, alongside the support of the school and families, paid off with outstanding results.

The Principal, Will Thompson, said ‘I am so pleased for our students and The Brittons Academy. They have achieved fantastic results this year. Their Key Stage 4 has been so fragmented, but they have just got on with achieving their best and supporting each other. We all wish them every success in the next stage of the journey. The future is in good hands.’

Here are just a few of our success stories:

Maisie couldn’t believe her eyes when she opened her results, “I found the lockdown difficult because you didn’t have help right there for you. I missed the academic support and the emotional reassurance and you were always scared that you were going to miss something. Returning to classroom lessons was also a bit difficult because everyone was at different levels but after a while, things settled and then it was just work, work, work.” Maisie achieved; Grade 9s in Maths, Chemistry and Physics, Grade 8s in Biology, Computer Science and History and 7s in English and French. Maisie is planning to enrol at The Coopers Company and Coborn School to study Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Computer Science at A level.

Maisie’s mum, Jennifer, said through tears of joy, “We’re so happy, we’re just so pleased for her.”

Another student who was overjoyed with his results is Ronaldas who achieved; Grade 8s in Maths, Chemistry and Physics and Grade 7s in Biology, Computer Science, Geography and History. Ronaldas plans to go to The Brentwood School to study A levels in History, Computer Science, Maths and Further Maths. He said, “I’m really pleased…but also thankful that they’re done and over. It is time to focus on my A Levels now.”

Awah was delighted when she opened her results to find she had achieved; a Grade 9 in History and 8s in English Language, English Literature, Maths and Citizenship as well as a Grade 7 in Chemistry, “I don’t know what to say, I’m so happy, I’m overwhelmed.” Awah has applied to continue her studies at Drapers’ Academy with the intention of studying for A levels in Biology, Chemistry and Maths.

Josh is the fourth member of his family to have studied at The Brittons Academy and his two younger siblings are at the academy now. Josh achieved a Distinction Star in his Sport BTEC, a Grade 8 in Citizenship and Grade 7s in English, Maths and Geography. Josh is planning to study BTEC Level 3 Sports Science at Havering Sixth Form. His advice to others was, “Don’t expect everything to be given to you. Teachers will help, but you have to put the effort in.”

Poppy was thrilled to achieve her Grade 9 in English Language and a Grade 8 in English Literature. She also achieved a Distinction Star in her Music BTEC and Grade 7s in History and Art. “I can do everything I want to do now.” Poppy is planning to study A levels in English, Film Studies and Psychology at Havering Sixth Form with her career ambition of becoming an author.

Twins Kacey and Liam both achieved top grades across the board but in different subjects. Kacey achieved a Grade 6 in Biology, Grade 7 in Chemistry and a Grade 7 in Physics whereas Liam achieved a Grade 8 in Biology, Grade 7 in Chemistry and Grade 6 in Physics. Kacey also achieved Grade 8s in both Citizenship and History and Grade 7 in Maths. Liam achieved Grade 8s in Citizenship, Maths and English Literature and Grade 7 in English Language.

What’s more, the twins overcame difficult studying conditions during the pandemic. When the country first went into lockdown, they relied on their mobile phones to access online lesson, but this was challenging due to the small screens and poor phone battery life. Luckily, the academy was able to provide both Kacey and Liam with a laptop through the Department for Education donation scheme which became a real gamechanger in preparation for their GCSEs.

Their mother, Deborah, says, “The staff at Brittons have always been brilliant at supporting us. Liam and Kacey have both done so well. I’m so proud.”

Kacey has applied to Havering Sixth Form to study; Law, Politics, History and Sociology and Liam has applied to The Coopers Company and Coborn School to study A levels in; Biology, Chemistry and Psychology. Liam said, “Working hard paid off. These are better than I thought…I’m so relieved.”

Patricia started at The Brittons Academy as a quiet, shy student who has grown in confidence throughout her academic journey and was ecstatic with her Grade 8s in Maths, Geography and Food Preparation and Nutrition, alongside Grade 7s in English Literature, English Language, French, Chemistry and Physics. Patricia has applied to Havering Sixth Form to study A levels in; Business, Maths and Law. Patricia said, “I’m so happy; I couldn’t be more pleased.”