• False nails, nail extensions or coloured/painted nails are not permitted.
  • False lashes and prevalent make up is not permitted. This includes fake tan.
  • The only jewellery permitted is a wrist watch, and one small, plain stud in the lobe of each ear. No other piercings or jewellery are permitted. The only exception is a Kara as Sikhi is the only religion where there is an expectation to wear an item of jewellery.
  • Hair must all be one colour and a natural colour. Braided hair, extensions and weaves must all be one colour and a natural colour. No shaved lined or patterns are permitted. No beads, hair or dread wraps, or other adornments are allowed.
  • Only religious headwear is allowed (such as hijabs, dastars and kippahs) and this must be plain black with no adornments.
  • A grey jumper is an optional, additional, layer that students can wear when they are wearing their blazer. No other items are allowed to be worn between the shirt and blazer. Blazers must always be worn over a jumper.
  • Coats can be worn over a blazer, never instead of one.
  • Shoes are uniform, trainers are not.


Where a breach of this policy can be rectified immediately (for example, by placing the prohibited item in the student’s bag or by confiscation by the Academy), the student will remain in lessons as usual. Where the breach cannot be rectified immediately, internal isolation may be imposed for the remainder of that school day or break and lunchtime, or until the student has a break in which they can safely return home to rectify the breach. The Academy will advise the action that should be taken.

In the case of a hairstyle that the Academy deems to be extreme, the student may be internally isolated or excluded in accordance with the Academy’s Behaviour Policy. The student will be expected to adopt a compliant hairstyle before returning to Academy.