Live Lesson Trial

Dear Parents & Carers,

As part of our ongoing efforts to support students whilst they continue to learn from home, we will be piloting the use of some live online lessons until the end of term using Zoom. We are piloting this now we remain unsure about the exact nature of provision in September and are preparing for all eventualities.

Lockdown has seen staff working relentlessly to find alternative ways of supporting their classes and whilst we will endeavour to reach as many students as possible in this pilot, we would ask for your patience if your child is not initially involved. Staff will be receiving training around security settings, safeguarding controls and consolidating online teaching strategies. Once this has taken place we will seek to expand the offer to larger groups and a wider range of classes.

These pilot lessons will be shorter than normal lessons, lasting between 30 and 40 mins, providing teaching that compliments the home learning already set and an opportunity for students to interact with their teachers and their classmates. Work will continue to be set on Go4Schools so no students will be disadvantaged if they are not able to attend these pilot lessons.

Attached to this letter is an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). Please read these with your son/daughter before they participate in a live lesson. Lessons will be recorded and stored securely (not shared) for monitoring purposes.

The following teachers will be offering Zoom lessons next week. The teacher will be contacting relevant students through their school email so please encourage your child to check their email each day.

Wednesday 1st July10.00amMs. Foley 10D RE
Wednesday 1st July11.30amMr. Clarke7ab/Ma4
Wednesday 1st July1.00pmMs. Stewart8ab/En3
Wednesday 1st July1.00pmMs. Richards 8ab/En2
Friday 3rd July10.00amMs. Latino9BHi
Friday 3rd July11.30amMs. Adams9DHi
Friday 3rd July1.00pmMs. Kelly9B/Dr

If your child is not in one of these lessons then we will endeavour to expand our offer the week after. The next schedule will be shared towards the end of next week.

Details of how to join a Zoom lesson will be sent to students with the invitation by their class teacher. Students will not need a Zoom account as they will have to access the session via a link and password sent by their teacher.

We will also endeavour to send parents of students involved text reminders. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs Whiley on . I have recently joined the Leadership Team at Brittons amidst these strange times and am looking forward to getting to know students and their families.

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Mrs C. Whiley
Assistant Principal

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