Vision and Moral Purpose

The Brittons Academy Vision and Moral Purpose
We believe at The Brittons Academy by expecting more, we will get more!

We believe at The Brittons Academy by expecting more, we will get more! 

With high aspirations and hard work, we believe all of our students can turn their dreams into reality.

Whatever the starting point or personal circumstances, we believe that every learner can achieve success at The Brittons Academy.

We have two main aims:-

  • To fully prepare each student for their adult life by ensuring they are equipped with the skills, attributes, values and qualifications necessary to become lifelong learners contributing to life in modern Britain.
  • To enrich the lives of all students through a vibrant learning community, a rich learning environment and a wide-ranging curriculum, thereby building social capital and broadening the horizons of all our students.

To achieve this goal we will ensure that every student:-

  • Experiences success.
  • Is known and is making progress.
  • Develops to become a confident, independent learner.
  • Understands their self-worth and has high aspirations.
  • Is a partner in education and is meaningfully engaged in learning.

When we expect more, we get more!

The students at The Brittons Academy will rise to the challenge and will achieve more if we consistently expect more.