Keeping Yourself Safe

While attending The Brittons Academy, we want you to feel safe, whether that is walking to school, walking home from school, in lessons and outside lessons. If you have a concern or are concerned about someone else, make sure you tell a member of our safeguarding team.

Safeguarding Team


Mr L Mugombe

Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mr E Cole

Safeguarding Deputy 1


Mrs N Oakins

Safeguarding Deputy 2

Ms L Cossey

Safeguarding Deputy 3


Mrs K Seeley

Safeguarding Officer


Mrs T Whiberley

Support & Guidance Manager (Mandela House)


Mrs G Gilbert

Support & Guidance Manager (Moore House)


Ms S Ware

Support & Guidance Manager (Shakespeare House)


Mrs M Martin

Support & Guidance Manager (Westwood House)

e-Safety at The Brittons Academy

It is important you stay safe while using the internet. You can have a look at the websites below for advice and guidance. We will cover online safety in your ICT and Citizenship lessons.

e-Safety Websites

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP)

Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)

Think U Know


NEVER send nude photos or videos of yourself.  We will cover this in your Citizenship lessons. For guidance, help and advice including a students’ helpline, visit

Important information

You can also visit the Childline website for more information and guidance.

We Stand Together

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Stay Safe Online – 5 SMART Rules


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